As It Was Written….

A Special Easter Message

As It Was Written…..

As we are in the middle of Holy Week and entering the Easter Triduum, I sit in stillness to reflect on what all this means.  Our lives have been turned upside down during the past 6 weeks. There is a new normal in place for how we lead our daily lives.  Sadness and glimmers of hope are spoken to us as we listen to updates on the news.  Praying this will end, praying for those who have lost loved ones, praying our families will be safe.

In an ironic sense, here we are, having spent a good portion of Lent alone, like Jesus.  All distractions taken away.  Some of us hunkered down with family.  Some of us alone.  Some of us reaching out to help those in need.  All of us praying for our healthcare workers, essential workers and first responders as they go out while we stay in.  As if in the silence they are saying “Don’t worry, we got this!  We will keep you safe if you follow the instructions.”  Those words sound very familiar.  Wouldn’t you agree?  “Trust me, follow my instructions and I will keep you safe and give you eternal life.”

Holy Week, the preparations are in place.  As it was written…..  Holy Week is the most solemn saddest of time as well as the most miraculous.  Each of us has prepared through personal sacrifice, tireless giving, and deep reflection.  We have prepared to enter and live through this week anticipating that we will emerge with a better understanding of who we are, where we are going, and hopefully a better version of ourselves.  More giving, more patient, more understanding, more spiritual, more loving, and more aware of how much He loves us.

God sent his only son to save us from ourselves.  Yes, we are sinners, we are not perfect, we try, fail, try, fail and continue this path guided by God’s loving hands.  He knows we are not perfect, after all he made us human.  But he also made each one of us in His image.  He knows what it in our hearts, our fears, our feelings.  He gently let’s us know when to pull back, when to push forward, and when to sit in stillness and listen for His guidance.

As we prepare ourselves to participate in the divinity of the next 3 days, during this unprecedented time, let faith lead you.  Let the joy of Easter Sunday fill your heart and soul.  Let the gentleness of life lead you in your actions and thoughts towards other.

Know this:  Each and everyone one of us is a gift from God here to learn and make the world a better place.  Each of us matters.  Whether rich or poor, fearful or confident, we all matter and He has proven this to us.

Jesus so loved us that he endured hatred, physical abuse, and ridicule.  He was beaten and hung on the cross and endured a painful death.  His last words “Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing.”  He forgave those who put Him to death.  And why did he go through this?  BECAUSE HE LOVES US THAT MUCH!  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  Yes, He loves us so much that He gave His life to save us.  And how do you repay such a selfless act?  Love one another, be kind, follow the 10 Commandments.  Be joy-filled, appreciate life.

Above all, have faith in God.  Trust Him.  He loves us that much that He died for us.  All He asks is that we have faith.

May God Bless you and your family during this most Holy time.  May Easter bring unto you a renewed sense of hope, and faith.  May your heart love and your spirit guide you to being the best version of you.


God Bless!

Harry Ohde, Volunteer President/CEO

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago, ADC

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