Time of Faith, Time to Take Positive Action

God Has Not Left Us, Faith Has Not Been Cancelled


Having much time for self-reflection, I want to share with you my perspective of our current health situation and how we can all make a world of difference.

Many of us are at home, doing our part to protect not only our own health but the health of our relatives, friends, health care workers, first responders and those that are vulnerable.  What a gift!  Simple task of staying home, social-distancing, and we are helping heal our world!

It is Lent.  It is a time of worry and crisis for many.  A time of uncertainty, loneliness, and financial hardship.  Allowing our faith to not let our trust in God waiver, let us not overlook the opportunities God has given us; time for reflection, time for family, time for giving, time for prayer and time in general.  We have been blessed with a gift to slow down and take a look around.  Reflect on who we are, what areas we would like to improve on, and how we can use our inner gifts from God to help others.  Time to pray, time to reach out to those that are alone.  Time to rekindle relationships.

There are many quotes and positive messages being posted throughout social media, being sent via email or messages that boast how our faith in God will lead us to renewal.  What exactly does this mean?  To have faith in God is to sweep away our fears.  Faith in God means total trust that He is there and will not leave our side.  Our human side propels us to take control, fix everything, act quickly, and in some instances convinces our egos that we know better; we don’t.  God knows.  He knows what tomorrow brings, He knows what is best for us, He knows that if we “Let Go, Let God” that we will be safe.  Safe in the arms of a loving God.  We may not understand the chain of events, or emotions that unfold in us, but neither do we need to.  We just need to “Let Go, Let God.”

Prayer is our greatest weapon against the bad that happens around us.  Prayer is powerful.  It brings us closer to God.  How do we pray?  Saying Our Father’s and Hail Mary’s?  That is a good start.  The rosary guides us and is a powerful connection to God.  Another way to pray is to be still, be silent, and ask God to talk to us. It is in the stillness of our hearts that God speaks to us personally and delivers powerful messages.  He is there, He loves us unconditionally. If God has taken the time to know the number of hairs on our head, and what each of us hold’s in our heart, you must believe that he listens and answers us.  We just have to be patient and still to receive His message.

As we journey through this time of uncertainty, let us remain calm, faith filled and dedicated to carrying out what God wants us to do.  Let us receive every day as a gift, let us put other’s first, let our hearts, mind and soul remain filled with love and caring for others.  And let our faith remain our personal foundation so that together we may make the world a better place.

Prayer for medical professionals, caregivers, researchers, and leaders responsible for decisions about fighting the new coronavirus.

Father, we seek Your wisdom daily. Be with people making decisions that affect the lives and futures of our families, communities, countries, and the wider world. Inspire and invigorate people developing better tests to diagnose the virus, vaccines to prevent it, and protocols and communication to eliminate the disease’s spread. May truth and empathy be the touchstones of people setting policies for our protection.


God Bless!

Harry Ohde, Volunteer President/CEO

Covid-19:  Some Wisdom from the Past. 

Please click on the below image and hear of how faith will guide us through these challenging times.

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