Good News from the Prince of Peace Conference

Prince of Peace Vincentians in Lake Villa gave out holiday meal boxes for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time in 2020. Previously Prince of Peace held monthly dinners for those in need in the community but since the pandemic, those meals have sadly been canceled. The meal boxes provided a wonderful, safe alternative for our friends in need to enjoy at the holidays.

The conference distributed 67 ham dinners for Christmas. Several of the meals were provided to youth and their families who are part of the Youth Conservation Corps program in Waukegan, whose mission is to empower young adults to succeed through education and training. Pictured are some of the youth from the program, the smiley faces are in place to respect the privacy of the young people… and they’re fun! The conference was also able to provide extra hams to local food pantries in Lake County.

Thank you to all who helped organize and carry out these events! Your work is making a difference! Thank you for sharing your good news with the Council!

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