SVdP Partners with American Red Cross to Assist Families Displaced in Calumet City Fire

You may have seen on the local news, that on May 30, 2022, a fire broke out around 7:00 pm on the second floor of a 312-unit condo complex in Calumet City. This fatal fire left 150 families homeless. Winds drove the flames all the way up to the seventh floor. The fire killed an 85-year-old woman and seven others were injured, including three firefighters.

On May 31, Calumet City Mayor Thaddeus Jones had an emergency City Council meeting and a citywide State of Emergency was approved. This local state of emergency allows the Mayor to access resources from other governmental agencies to help the nearly 200 residents who were left displaced. Most of them Seniors. This is where SVdP Chicago comes in.

On Saturday, June 4, SVdP Chicago received a call and we will be partnering with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and others to help these residents in any way we can.On Tuesday, June 7, SVdP Chicago had staffed a table at the Sandbridge Community Center to assist those with immediate needs such as clothes, undergarments, shoes, socks, etc. We had some supplies on hand and input information into our Care Card Voucher Program so that in the future should they need something, we will be able to assist them without any hesitation. During this event, we assisted 143 Friends In Need.

We are fortunate that we have the capabilities to support others during this difficult time and in the future with their needs to start over in a new home. Please keep all those who have died, been injured, or displaced from this horrible fire in your thoughts and prayers.
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