A Conversation with God

A Conversation with God

It’s All About Love

ME:        “Hi God, it’s me.  I am starting to feel a little hopeless here, can you help me out?  There is so much sadness in the world right now, I just don’t understand.  People are sick and dying.  People are angry, being disrespected, people getting hurt, getting killed.  I am trying to do my part, and I have been praying every day.  Have you heard my prayers?”

GOD:     “Oh my goodness child, please do not feel hopeless.  I see what is going on in the world.  Let me explain how this works.  I have given the 10 Commandments to follow, I have given the new command “Love everyone as I have loved you,” and I have granted everyone free will.  Free will allows the spirit within to make choices.

When your free will is used to make the right choices and follow my teachings, you are making the world a better place.  That my child does come with some bumps and bruises.  But do not let that weaken your faith.  Allow is to strengthen your faith and trust in me your God.”

ME:        “I have prayed, I have kept my faith, and am exhausted.  I am not sure what really matters anymore.  What should I be doing to help heal our world and make it peace-filled?”

GOD:     “You see, what the world needs now is faith and trust in me.  And a lot of love for one another.  I see those who have lost faith, and those that chose to take control and not trust in me, no longer allowing me into their hearts.  And the lack of love for one another, well that just falls to fear.  The anger you see is really fear that has taken over.  What is it that makes that fear so forefront?  Uncertainty, greed, and mostly a loss of faith in what is good and what is righteous according to my commandments.

I created each and every life with a purpose.  That purpose being to love each other, grow in faith, learn from each other, and evangelize each other.  Everyone has been given special skills and gifts to enhance the human experience.  Simply put, my intention is for everyone to become a Saint, to become the best version of themselves.  To lend their wholesomeness to one another.

All life is precious, from conception to the day I call you home to be with me.  I love every one of you.  I know the number of hairs on your head.  I know when you will be called home, and I know what is in your heart.”

ME:        “How do I help?  How do I make a difference to help those who have lost faith, that are afraid, that have journeyed in the wrong direction?  Please God, help me to make a difference so we can once again live in a peaceful world.”

GOD:     “Well, start by making sure your heart is filled with love, patience, understanding, and faith.  TRUST in me.  Do what is right, pray every day, all day.  Whatever you task or job, do it for my glory.  Treat others with kindness, do not judge, do not get angry, do not be afraid.  I am here with beside you and will carry you during your difficult moments.  But remember I can only do that if you have faith and trust in me.

Pray mostly for those that seek faith and guidance.  Prayer is powerful; I hear every prayer, every word, every sigh.  I know what is in your heart.  I know that life gets hard, things get rough, and I will carry you through, it is just a matter of faith, trust and love.”

ME:        “Thank you God.  I will listen to you.  I will be faith-filled, I will trust in you.  I will be strong and help those that are weak.  I will remain patient and listen often for your words.”

Right now, our world needs inspiration, love, and understanding.  Please pray daily so that our world can heal.


God Bless!

Harry Ohde, Volunteer President/CEO Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago

If you are looking for additional inspiration, please click here for more information in obtaining a copy of

“It’s All About Love; Daily Reflections”

written by a lifelong Vincentian, Michael S Syslo.

Its all about love

written by a lifelong Vincentian, Michael S Syslo.



God Bless

Harry Ohde, Volunteer President/CEO Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago

For over 167 years, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago has been helping those in need in our community.  It is because of your continued  support that we sustain to help those in need.  Serving over 88,000 families a year, we couldn’t do it without you!








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