Weekly Lenten Reflection Series

The Weekly Lenten Reflection Series is a great way to educate ourselves on Catholic Social Teaching, our Vincentian vocation and homelessness. Below is a list of upcoming events.
Please make special note that on March 16, Pam Matambanadzo and Dave McNaughton from the Chicago Council District IV will be presenters.

Weekly Lenten Reflection Series

Join the National Formation Director and the Voice of the Poor for a series of Lenten reflections on Wednesday evenings beginning March 9, on Catholic Social teaching, homelessness, and our Vincentian response. We will explore how we are collaborating with other organizations to serve the whole person as well as unmet needs. 

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·         March 9: Reflection: Catholic Social Teaching and Our Vincentian Vocation

·         March 16: Presenters: Pam Matambanadzo & Dave McNaughton – Chicago Council District IVGuest: Alderman Cappleman (46th Ward), Presenter: Miguel Santos – Buffalo NY

 ·         March 23: Presenters: Elmira Roque – Diocese of San Diego, Gloria Hyden: Ozanam Center – Food Mission, District Council of Memphis, TN

·         March 30: Presenters: Sally Wolfe – Denver, Co, Alicia Reyes – St Vincent de Paul Planada, Sacred Heart, Plana, California

·         April 6: Reflection: The Good Samaritan: Who Was the Neighbor? 

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