Wishing You Nothing but the Best Lorraine!

As many of you are aware, Lorraine Parisi, our Director of Operations, is leaving SVdP. Today is her last day. We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for the Society in helping us reach some of our goals and expand what we can offer to our friends in need. Lorraine has been the “key” to keeping things running flawlessly. She will be missed.

Take care Lorraine and all the best from your friends at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul-Chicago. Don’t hesitate stopping by to pay us a visit or giving us a call!

God Bless,

Harry Ohde
Volunteer President
St. Vincent de Paul Chicago/ADC

Below is a message that Lorraine has asked us to share with everyone…
To My St. Vincent de Paul Family,

Sometimes in life, God places us in a certain position with certain people for the sake of His plan. I am so grateful that God called me to serve the Society. My intention was to work hard to help others. Knowing from personal experience as a child how it feels to be in need; food and clothing, I felt I would really understand and make a difference. 

Funny how things turn out. After 5+ years of working for the Society, and the privilege to help our friends in need, in the end, I realized that I was the one being helped. What I have learned about life, spirituality and myself is priceless. Simply put, I am leaving a better person than when I first came on board. 

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is not just a place that people go to get assistance, it is a place where hearts are healed, minds are expanded, friendships are built, and God presents miracles each and every day. It is a place where if you are quiet and listen, you can hear God whisper and give you guidance. It is a place where an inner peace will rest in your soul. 

It has been my humbled privilege to work with the most amazing people I have ever met. Dedicated, hard working employees. A team of kindred spirits that work from their heart and not their pocketbook. A place where all are welcomed into the SVdP family. Dignity and respect are at the core of the culture. 

My next chapter is yet to be defined. But what is defined is the blessings I received from the Society. 

May God bless the Society and all those that enter through its door always. 

Kindest regards, 

Lorraine Parisi
Director of Operations
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago ADC
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