Twinning Opportunities

“We should love one another now and ever, far and near,
from conference to another, 

from town to town, from nation to nation.”

One of the most important missions of the Society is the sharing of resources and blessings we have with others that are less fortunate.


Every St. Vincent de Paul Society conference has different resources to offer their communities. Some conferences have more funding than others, while other conferences have more volunteer members, or a better network of support from their local community. Twinning allows conferences that are unable to fully help people in their community due to lack of resources, to access much needed financial, resource and spiritual support to do what they do best – help people.

If your conference is in need of help (financial, resources, prayer support), please fill out the following information.



Conference Presidents: Please review requests on a regular basis with your conference to see how you may be able to help others in need. Please contact the conference in need for additional information and to help.


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