167 Years of Helping Those in Need

SVdP Chicago is Building a Better Tomorrow

for the Most Vulnerable in our Chicagoland Communities.

167 Years of Helping Those in Need

We are here to help! The Homeless, The Poor, The Hungry, The Hopeless.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago (SVdP Chicago) has been actively helping those in need in Chicago-areas communities for more than 167 Years!

Through our mission, people, perseverance and 167 years of experience, SVdP Chicago has survived two world wars, the Spanish Flu of 1918, stock market crashes, the Great Depression and several recessions to name a few. Due to COVID-19, we’ve shifted our personalized face-to-face ways of interacting to provide the same hope and assistance while social distancing.

The help we provide hasn’t changed at all and is based on the specific need of a client, friend/family.

As the COVID-19 virus takes center stage and impacts us all, we must not forget that there are people in great need. With all of the uncertainty in the world, one aspect remains certain; people are in need in our communities and SVdP Chicago will be there to help feed, clothe, house and heal just like we’ve done for over 167 years.

We practice what we preach. In order to keep our employees, their families and our customers safe and healthy, we closed our Thrift Stores in Libertyville and Orland Park well ahead of the shelter at home state guidelines. During this time, we have been overwhelmed with the volume of donations of clothing and items for our Thrift Stores. Although the stores are closed at this time, we are eagerly accepting donations at our drop boxes throughout our communities and at our stores in Libertyville and Orland Park. While other thrift stores are refusing donations right now, we are happy to receive them. When it has been deemed safe to reopen the stores and we’ve taking all of the safety precautions such as social distancing space, personal protective equipment for our employees and a thorough cleaning and sanitizing routine, we hope you’ll be our first customers to see our fresh new merchandise with a wider selection than ever.

Through donations of clothing and other items, we are able to offer items for sales at affordable prices for those with limited resources. We provide store vouchers to offer necessities like clothing and essentials to friends in need at no cost. Additionally, the stores employs many employees providing opportunities and skill training for those needing to support themselves and families. And purchases of store items result in funds to assist those in the community in ways such as help with rent and mortgage to avoid eviction, assistance with utility bills, food assistance, medical bills and other necessities.

Now that you have a better idea of what we do, we hope you will keep in touch and reach out if there are ways you’d like to get involved, from clothing donations, volunteering at a local food pantry or community dinner (when these are safe to do so).

We ask that you support us in any way possible during these very challenging times such as:

  • Clothing, household, and essential goods donations at our stores or a conveniently located dropbox
  • Volunteer at a local conference in their food pantry or serving at a community dinner
  • Pass along this information to friends and family who may be interested in the work we do
  • Refer people in need that you know by referring them to your closest SVdP conference
  • Consider supporting us with a financial donation
  • Pray for those in need and to sustain the SVdP Chicago members and all those helping others every day in many ways.

Please browse our website for additional information on Who we are, Ways to Volunteer, Ways to Donate and other information.




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